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Daisy is “one to watch” in the September 28 issue of People magazine, featuring one of her latest photoshoots — adorable as usual.

THE GUARDIAN – European fans of Star Wars will get to see new instalment The Force Awakens before their counterparts in North America, it has been announced.

JJ Abrams’ film will open a day earlier than expected in the UK, on Thursday 17 December, while the French will get to see the movie a further 24 hours ahead of that, on Wednesday 16 December. The new dates were announced on the official UK and France Star Wars Facebook pages. The US and Canadian release date remains 18 December.

According to IMDB, the first nation to see the first new Star Wars movie in more than a decade will be the United Arab Emirates – where desert planet scenes for the film were shot last year – on Tuesday 15 December. Belgium, Bahrain, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark and Sweden are among countries listed alongside France for 16 December and Brazil, Mexico, Germany and Russia join the UK on 17 December.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been the bookies’ favourite to become 2015’s highest-grossing film since the first teaser trailer for the film appeared in November last year. Abrams’ film is also predicted to smash the world record for biggest global box-office opening weekend, currently held by Jurassic World after the dinosaur disaster epic’s $524.4m bow in June.

The new release dates follow last week’s Force Friday, the global unveiling of merchandise for the new movie. It is not known when the film will first be screened for critics, but Abrams said last year that winners of Lucasfilm’s “Force for Change” competition would be given the chance to see the movie before it arrives in cinemas.

The gallery has been updated with several new ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ pictures including a poster, promotional shoot and gorgeous artworks of Daisy as Rey. We also replaced some production stills and behind the scenes with high quality. Make sure to check them out and enjoy!

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Daisy and John Boyega are featured in a small article in the September 4 issue of the Evening Standard following their appearance at ‘The Force Awakens’ merchandise launch. A digital scan can now be found in our gallery!