ANDOVER ADVERTISER – THE lead actress in the new Star Wars film also stars in an Andover-made movie to be screened for the first time next month.

The local production Scrawl was filmed on the town’s streets and at Sparsholt, and features Star Wars’ actress Daisy Ridley.

Earlier this month, Daisy was named the new female lead for Star Wars VII and although her role has not yet been confirmed by Disney and Lucasfilm, she is set to act alongside Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill.

But before her Hollywood debut, the 21-yearold, who has also appeared in Channel 4’s Youngers and has made guest appearances in Casualty and Silent Witness, filmed around Andover for Andover College’s student production of Scrawl.

Daisy came on board for the project two years ago while she was filming Casualty, and the horror film is set to be shown to students and supporters of Andover College next month. It will then be sent to festivals across the world in the hope that it will pick up accolades.
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HEY U GUYS – When British actress Daisy Ridley was announced as being part of Star Wars Episode VII, many moviegoers responded with a resounding, “Who?!” As one of the principal members of the cast, she will likely have a major role in the J.J. Abrams helmed movie, but is very much an unknown compared to the rest.

She does have some impressive television credits though, and will next be seen in British independent horror movie, Scrawl. Written and directed by Peter Hearn, the movie will be featured at the Andover Arts Festival in June before being submitted to film festivals during 2014/15.

Written and directed by Peter Hearn, Scrawl was shot over a three week period in the South of England in 2013 as well as extra days throughout 2014. It also stars Mark Forester-Evans (The Cave), Elizabeth Boag (Metro 7 bis/Chasing Robert Barker) and Nathalie Pownall (White Box/Twin Suns).
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