Daisy – looking adorable as always – attended San Diego Comic-Con on July 11, 2015 to promote ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ with her co-stars. Pictures from both the panel and the press line have been added to the gallery!

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Magazine Scans

Thanks to Luciana, I have added one scan of Daisy in the August issue of Vogue Japan magazine.


HUFFINGTONPOST – Daisy Ridley’s life changed forever with one simple press release last year.

At 23 years old, Daisy Ridley could be mistaken for just another budding British actress. With a distant – but still close enough – relative in the industry (‘Dad’s Army’s Arnold Ridley, who played Private Charles Godfrey), Daisy has spent years attending castings, scoring small roles and working on indie projects, one of which, the interactive film ‘Lifesaver’, was BAFTA-nominated.

She learnt her trade at a performing arts school in Hertfordshire, leaving at the age of 18 and going travelling, before returning to London and trying her hand at a career in showbiz. Like so many others, she’s appeared on our TV screens, after securing small roles in British dramas such as ‘Casualty’, ‘Silent Witness’ and ‘Mr Selfridge’. So far, so normal. Well, until you reach the 29 April 2014.

That was the day ‘Star Wars’ director JJ Abrams, and his bosses at Disney released the first details of the cast for the upcoming reboot of the blockbuster series, garnering the kind of excitement rarely seen even in the hype-friendly film world.

“We are so excited to finally share the cast of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’,” the statement from director Abrams read. “It is both thrilling and surreal to watch the beloved original cast and these brilliant new performers come together to bring this world to life, once again. We start shooting in a couple of weeks, and everyone is doing their best to make the fans proud.”

And there, in the black and white photo taken at one of the film’s first read-throughs, sitting calmly between Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher(!), was our very own Daisy Ridley.

The internet pored over the picture, and within minutes, speculation over the blockbuster’s plot began, as fans questioned the placement of the film’s stars, and as expected, interest in the new recruits piqued. Overnight, Daisy went from a relatively anonymous actor to one of the most-Googled names in showbiz. However, even in the information age, searches revealed very few tidbits.

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STARWARS7NEWS – As we covered before, actress Daisy Ridley and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy visited Japan, for the very first press conference for Star Wars: The Force Awakens 2 weeks ago. It appears in one of the many interviews, Kathleen Kennedy actually revealed some really cool bits about the upcoming movies that we missed…

Special thanks to our reader TOGO from Japan who pointed us to this article. (And apologies for the sketchy translation – cobbled together from multiple sources and paraphrased by me. Keep in mind that this is not a direct translation, but an interpretation of two imperfect translations – we’re working with what we can here.)


Kotaku: As we get into this epic saga, what research did you do in advance?
Kathleen Kennedy: In order to understand George Lucas’s fictional world and his method for creating it, we spent a considerable amount of time doing research onto what he made. The contents, it is his prior research, which was carried out in order of production, such as about the work that he was affected by, such as Flash Gordon and Akira Kurosawa’s movies. In addition, we looked a lot at early concept art by Ralph McQuarrie; we also went to the San Francisco Lucasfilm archive. The Death Star of the model that was actually used in the movie from the archive in San Francisco can be pulled out, and the Stormtrooper costume can be examined anew. Since the staff there are super Star Wars geeks, they fainted when we stopped by. [Laughs]

Daisy Ridley: Compared to Kathleen, I didn’t do nearly as much research! [Laughs] What I did for the movie was look into how to portray an independent character in a compelling way; what I mainly did for this was to conduct physical training. Reading the script and interpreting Rey’s thoughts and actions were also important, as I wanted to understand what I should show in the film.

Kennedy: Daisy trained with the swordfight choreographer of Game of Thrones.

Kotaku: She did a lot of training in swordfighting as well?
Kennedy: She learned the bōjutsu fighting style. Rey uses the staff she has in the trailer to fight. Daisy’s gotten to be so good at bōjutsu that even grown men on the set fear it. [Laughs]

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Magazine Scans

Daisy is featured in the May 21 issue of Shukan Bunshun. She was probably photographed during her stay in Japan for the Kick-Off Meeting, and she looks amazing! Unfortunately the quality is not the best but we’ll try to replace the scans as soon as we can. If you wish to donate, do not hesitate to contact us, full credit will be given.


Daisy and her sister Kika-Rose attended the “Icons of Style” dinner hosted by Michael Kors and Vanity Fair on May 14, 2015 in London.

Magazine Scans

As you know, the cast of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ graces the cover of the June issue of Vanity Fair magazine and scans have been now added to the gallery. You can find an outtake here and watch the behind the scenes video here. Enjoy!

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Magazine Scans

I have added scans from SciFi Now Magazine (Issue #106) in the gallery!

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We added HD screencaptures of Daisy in the (very) short film ‘100% BEEF’ (2013) in the gallery. You can watch the video below.

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