E! ONLINE – Who knew Daisy Ridley wanted a singing career?

The 23-year-old Star Wars: The Force Awakens star apparently has quite the pipes.

“One day on set, she just started singing and had the most beautiful voice I ever heard,” Star Wars director J.J. Abrams said last night at the U.S.-Ireland Alliance’s Oscar Wilde Awards, where Ridley was among this year’s honorees.

Just the other day, Ridley told Abrams, “On Saturday, this weekend, she is going to record a song with an unnamed person, but let’s just say a massive superstar.”

What a tease!

Ridley showed off her voice when she and her Star Wars co-star Oscar Isaac sang a duet of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” while promoting their movie during a Twitter chat in December.

Ridley will then present at the Oscars on Sunday before going back to the U.K. to star as Rey again in Star Wars: Episode VIII. “The other day she looked at me and said in the sweetest Daisy-est way, ‘What is my life?'” Abrams said, continuing, “Daisy’s life is a bit like Rey’s—she’s on a crazy adventure and it’s just beginning.”

Ridley didn’t mention her singing aspirations last night, but did marvel at how much her life has changed since being cast by Abrams in the what has become the biggest box office hit in Hollywood history.

“I can never thank you enough for your faith, your patience, your kindness and your guidance throughout this crazy incredible thing,” she said to Abrams.

Also honored last night the event, which took place at Abrams’ Bad Robot offices in Santa Monica, were James Corden, Snow Patrol, Room director Lenny Abrahamson and Penny Dreadful actress Sarah Greene.


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